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Safety tips for your garage

by Becky Lanier 11/23/2022

Your garage offers a convenient place to keep your vehicle safe, store tools and gardening supplies and work on a wide range of projects. The following tips can help you improve the safety of your garage to lower the risk of injuries or other harm to you and your household.

Keep hazardous materials locked up

Pesticide products, fertilizers and similar gardening supplies can be harmful to people and pets. Other supplies, such as cleaning products, fluids for your car, paint, cans of gasoline and similar items, are also hazardous.

Keep any hazardous items or materials locked up in a storage area or cabinet in your garage, which helps prevent other household members from being able to access them. Make sure you're storing these items safely, such as providing ventilation if needed.

Store sharp tools and power tools safely

Sharp intruments and power tools can lead to severe injuries if younger house members get hold of them. Store these objects in a storage cabinet or on shelving far from curious hands. Consider locking power tools and sharp instruments in a cabinet for added safety. For larger or longer tools, you can hang them in your garage in an area where they won't be disturbed.

Check your garage door opener

Your garage door opener should be in good working condition at all times to lower the risk of accidents and injuries. Check your garage door opener to make sure there's no damage to springs or other components.

The sensors for your garage door opener should be kept clean and unobstructed as well to ensure safe and proper usage. Keep garage door opener remotes in a safe spot where younger home members cannot reach them.

Improve garage lighting

If you only have one dim bulb in your garage for lighting, replace it with a better lighting system with more illumination. Having better lighting in your garage is important for safety purposes, since it ensures you're able to see well and avoid hazards.

Having good lighting is also a safety concern if you have a workshop in your garage. Consider switching to LED or similar light fixtures for more even and efficient lighting in your garage.

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